Harris Fellman’s Story

Harris Fellman

An Epic Tale of One Man’s Journey to Live Life to It’s Fullest and Inspire Others to Do the Same.

Why Harris Fellman?



“Harris Fellman is one of the brightest, most creative figures in online marketing today. He’s proven over and over that his methods deliver online buzz, and more importantly, bottom line results. My association with Harris has always been positive and profitable.” ~ Shawn Casey, CEO, Success Management Corporation

No ordinary marketer, Harris Fellman has experienced the expansion of the World Wide Web since the very beginning:

Starting with a metoric rise as Employee #7 in a little company called Galacticomm in which his efforts helped the company shoot from less than a million dollars a year to over a million a month in sales… in his next position as Employee #8 in what would become the company that pioneered online payment processing and online billing, iBill, Harris played a crucial role in creating and launching two of their most successful flagship services, Web900 and Online Credit Card Processing. If you saw the 2009 movie “Middle Men”, believe me, it was nothing like that at all.

Although, let’s just say that the movie exposed a side of the ‘business’ that Harris never quite recalls experiencing. :-)

Harris has been at the heart of the internet even as it was growing by leaps and bounds into the form we now witness every day. During a stint at another little company called Microsoft he helped build the very earliest social network communities at MSN Classic, sites and even the first foray’s into what would become online entertainment in the form of an early online talk show, far before its time, called Nelson’s World.

Working from home for MSN Classic in the late 1990′s allowed Harris to experience a completely different lifestyle for the first time. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue a lifelong dream of becoming an actor, did quite well for his first few years, but unfortunately in the feast-or-famine world of ‘becoming famous’ the term “quite well” equated to somewhere just around the poverty line. Luckily, Harris knew the interwebs.

Harris recognized very early on that the world of bricks and mortar would soon be ecllipsed by the digital skyscrapers that we now see. Even taking a turn in the sultry underworld of Adult Entertainment Harris continued to pave the way. When he led marketing at Kwan Interactive in 1997 as “Ambassador of Kwan”, Harris brought his keen insight to this market and helped to create the very first *wired* house in the vein of many more mainstream reality shows like *Big Brother*. Peepshack.com was the first of its kind with 3 women living in a house with 12 cameras all live…24/7. In the short span of just 3 months *Peepshack* had over 10,000 paying monthly members.

All of this using the internet of the 90′s. 12 video cameras streaming live when most people still had “high speed” modems which blazed on at 1/20th of the speed of today’s crappiest DSL line. Twas quite an amazing integration of technology, marketing, and creativity.

No small feat indeed. From that, er…*fertile* launching ground Harris finally decided to become Employee #1 and form his own company: Ion Entertainment. Ion’s formation and eventually it’s fast growth occurred when Harris and his then partner realized that the very same marketing model that they used for the relatively narrow focus of *Peepshack* could be broadened and used to successfully market a vast array of other things… well, almost anything and everything, to be exact. Ion Entertainment specialized in Email marketing and deployment.

And in just three years the company had annual revenues of nearly 4 million dollars.

It’s not always been just fun and games. Harris has faced his fair share of adversity and overcome each and every challenge he’s been dealt. With declining revenues in the face of new regulations and restrictions on email marketing Ion Entertainment suffered and eventually closed.

Undeterred, Harris decided on a course of action that would propel him even further into the world of online commerce. With literally no budget and a shoestring staff Harris started his current company, Tangled Web, Inc. (as a shout out to William Shakespeare and staying true to his Internet roots) and within mere months of inception Harris had squarely positioned himself as an “Internet Marketing Guru” to 100,000′s of thousands of followers & his peers.

In his original 12 Week Intensives he interviewed dozens of internet marketing experts about everything from adwords to copywriting, search engine marketing, social media, viral marketing, and more. Armed with this knowledge and his past success at Ion Entertainment, Harris started to create his own products and continued for 5 years to derive his primary income from creating and selling his own branded products online.

“Harris Fellman is an Internet Marketing Wizard. I’ve witnessed him command hoards of people with his hilarious marketing antics. He gets the job done and then some.” ~Mark Joyner, #1 Best Selling Author, “Integration Marketing”

After utilizing Social Media Marketing and Viral Marketing to create several product launches ranging from $50,000 to $350,000 in a single week, Harris was thought of by his peers as a go-to guy for Viral Marketing and Product Launch Consulting. This is why a good portion of Tangled Web’s income also comes from Affiliate Marketing as well as Consulting. Tangled has since created many successful buzz campaigns for it’s clients. Often leading to doubling and tripling the client’s year-to-year results.

“Harris Fellman is the most innovative new energy to hit the web in a long time. He has proven again and again that he is not only innovative but really awesome at pulling out the core of the principles and teaching it to people in a step-by-step simple format so that anyone can master it as well.” ~Joshua Shafran, The “50 Million Dollar Man, creator of the NPOD system

Chasin’ The Dream…

Harris has always had a bent toward short-form comedy as well. From his early days in Florida he’s been acting in short films, live improv, commercials and the like. Throughout the 90′s he continued to dabble in entertainment in various ways with the idea that one day the worlds of the internet, entertainment, and advertising would become intertwined in such a way that his unique skills would create a vast range of opportunities. Harris produced, wrote, and starred in the short film, “Spice Guys” which won second place behind a Pixar short at Caroline’s New York Comedy Festival. He also produced the short “Legs to Stand On” which snagged a cameo from Ben Stiller himself. Harris starred in an International Video Game commercial, had a bit part in Snoop Dog’s first film: Tha Eastsidaz, and starred in a number of shorts and independent films along the way. But alas, the life of the starving artist is NOT for Harris and his family.

Most recently, Harris has taken character marketing to a new level with many memorable and crazy characters that he’s created to help brand his, and others products allowing him to become a household name in those circles.

“Harris Fellman is the best Internet marketer at making character videos go viral, weaving profitable content with entertaiment worthy of spreading.” ~ Ben Mack, Branding Genius, Amazon #2 Best Selling Author, Former Senior VP at BBDO

With his eye back on combining all of his experience and going in a direction of true passion, Harris has taken on a role as “Tribal Marketing Chieftan” for a company that he feels will become the ‘next big thing’ in the personal development space called Level 5 Mentoring. Level 5 is the combination of personal development, spirituality, and science … and is instantly changing the paradigm of all of its members in ways never thought possible – certainly not at the speeds the life improvements are occurring.

Yes, it’s a bit of a shift for Harris into a new industry. But nonetheless a direction that’s sure to enable him to live out his personal mission statement:

Live life to its fullest and inspire others to do the same.

And for Harris, living life to its fullest means having the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want, with whomever you want. Having Freedom and Flexibility while making good money is key. In 2012, Harris embarked on a number of successful projects. From setting up win-win Joint Ventures for countless clients, to running a CPA Network (HitBuyer), and most recently partnering up with one of the most well-respected up-and-coming online media buying agencies (DedicatedEmails), Harris has landed square in the middle of the more web traffic opportunities than one man can possibly manage. So much for Freedom and Flexibility this year – this boy’s working his ass off!!!

2013 – DEFINITELY Living Life to the Fullest Now

Well, that was 2012 … currently, as of July 2013, Harris is still living life to it’s fullest — living with his family in a nice beach town in Costa Rica, happily running his own Traffic Brokering business, will be launching  TrafficFor.me and PayRamp.com very shortly, and getting back into networking here and there again at various marketing events such as TrafficWonks, JVExpo, the Marketer’s Cruise, and perhaps even a Costa Rican Business Retreat could be in the works!


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